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  • (19897)
  • Contact: Ms.yoyo   MSN:xinyeicsale@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-0755-82682706
  • Fax: 86-0755-82682706
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Company Introduction<br><br>XINYE INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is specialized in distributing electronic components for foreign famous manufacturers and has special stocking channels and many years of sales experience. Having large numbers of merchandises on hand, We are an independent and honest distributor of all brands of ICs, such as MICROCHI, MAX, AD, NEC,ALTERA, ATMEL ,XILIX, ST, TOSHIBA,TI, POWER ,INFINEON ,NS, SAMSUNG, IR, FUJI , FREESCAL , LGIT ,MOT, FSC, AMD, NS, EUPEC , VISHAY ,XICOR, and so on. We also specialize in searching rare and hard-to-f...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: SKFL150/09D
Price: 33-38 USDSKFL150/09D
    Price: 33-38 USD

    Models: GM1204PKVX-8A
Price: 1.95-2.5 USDGM1204PKVX-8A
    Price: 1.95-2.5 USD

    Models: PTFA082201E
Price: 49.5-58.5 USDPTFA082201E
    Price: 49.5-58.5 USD

    Models: SKD53/16
Price: 18-22 USDSKD53/16
    Price: 18-22 USD

    Models: 6MBI50S-120
Price: 60-65 USD6MBI50S-120
    Price: 60-65 USD


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  • (19669)
  • Contact: Ms.Amanda   MSN:amanda1993_hy@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82571047
  • Fax: 86-755-83327763
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • HY(HK) IC Limited specializes in supply all kinds of wordwide brands components which was found in 1999.We have established steady business relationships with many local suppliers and oversea customers. We have excellent engineers here and we are trying our best to provide high quality products with competitive price to our customer. We looking forward your enquiry!(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: 74HC4049
Price: .4-.8 USD74HC4049
    Price: 0.4-0.8 USD

    Models: TD250N14KOF
Price: 60-80 USDTD250N14KOF
    Price: 60-80 USD

    Models: STK433-320
Price: 8-12 USDSTK433-320
    Price: 8-12 USD

    Models: STK412-240
Price: 8-12 USDSTK412-240
    Price: 8-12 USD

    Models: STK412-170
Price: 8-12 USDSTK412-170
    Price: 8-12 USD

  • HK Niuhuasi Technology Limited

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  • (19656)
  • Contact: Ms.Becky   MSN:QQ:2713246646  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82577272
  • Fax: 86-755-82767002
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • HK Niuhuasi Technology Limited was founded in 2003, a professional electronics trading and kitting company. Our office is located in Shenzhen, the biggest electronic market in Asia. We sell the world's biggest electronic components, with main brands- TI, Atmel, Maxim, Holtek, AD, Altera, Intersil, etc.. We specilize in IC chips, capacitors, resistors, diodes,circuit boards, modules and so on. We have good partnership with manufacturers from America, Europe, Japan, Korean, Taiwan and other areas. We are member of the ...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: BCM3553XKFEB5G
Price: 18.85-25.62 USDBCM3553XKFEB5G
    Price: 18.85-25.62 USD

    Models: EP910IDI-15
Price: 7.86-9.45 USDEP910IDI-15
    Price: 7.86-9.45 USD

    Models: EPF10K70RC240-2
Price: 16.53-22.35 USDEPF10K70RC240-2
    Price: 16.53-22.35 USD

    Models: FLI8662-LF-BC-XD
Price: 14.15-18.32 USDFLI8662-LF-BC-XD
    Price: 14.15-18.32 USD

    Models: STA335BW13TR
Price: 1.25-1.45 USDSTA335BW13TR
    Price: 1.25-1.45 USD

  • Overseas Electronics Development Co., Limited

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  • (19204)
  • Contact: Ms.Pamela   MSN:Pamela.oedcl@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-755-82078820
  • Fax: 0086-755-82078920
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • It's Overseas Electronics Development Co., Limited that is your professional supplier for electronic components.Our foreign trade service for customer covers all over the world.Today marks a very important milestone in OEDCL’s history and we mark the beginning of a fresh start and open the door to new opportunities.What's more, we believe this is a perfect time for rebuilding trust,confidence and passion around OEDCL and the products we bring to you.In the emerging market we all will do our best to make our business world class.Last but not least, let us said yes, nothing...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: 51968R
Price: 2.8-3.1 USD51968R
    Price: 2.8-3.1 USD

    Models: NE22
Price: 1-2 USDNE22
    Price: 1-2 USD

    Models: SN29736P1
Price: 5-7 USDSN29736P1
    Price: 5-7 USD

    Models: 4082IBZ
Price: 2-4 USD4082IBZ
    Price: 2-4 USD

    Models: HGTG30N60A4D
Price: 1.5-2.2 USDHGTG30N60A4D
    Price: 1.5-2.2 USD

  • XIONG LONG Electronics(HongKong)Co.,Ltd .

      China  Free Member
  • (17081)
  • Contact: Mr.jack    Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-0755-88352229
  • Fax: --
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • XIONG LONG ELECTRONIC (HK) LIMITED exports all kinds of Electronic Components and Electro-mechanical parts: communications, memory, computer,and we are the manufacturer s authorized distributor of world s leading chip brands , such as TI, ALTERA, NS, ATMAL, FAIRCHILD, HYNIX, MAXIN, IR, LINEAR, ST, ADI, SANKEN, NXP, XILINX etc. Our company aims to make a long-term cooperation relationship with the customers.If you are interested in our products, please contact me by E-mail or log into the website of our company http://www.xldz-ic.com ,thanks. Give me your RFQ,and...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: SD1460
Price: 35-40 USDSD1460
    Price: 35-40 USD

    Models: FLM8596-8F
Price: 100-150 USDFLM8596-8F
    Price: 100-150 USD

    Models: MRF426
Price: 25-30 USDMRF426
    Price: 25-30 USD

    Models: BGY925
Price: 25-30 USDBGY925
    Price: 25-30 USD

    Models: HA17385PS
Price: 1-2 USDHA17385PS
    Price: 1-2 USD


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  • (16326)
  • Contact: Mr.MR.LAI   MSN:xiasongdz@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-755-25794219
  • Fax: 86-755-25794219
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • XIA SONG ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD was founded in 1998. We specialize in electronic components & material products(Diodes、Zener Diodes、Rectifiers Diodes、Switching Diodes、Varactor Diodes、Schottky Barrier Diodes、Fast Recovery Rectifiers;Transistors:Darlington Transistors、Switching Transistors、High Frequency、High Voltage Transistors、General Purpose Transistors、Pre-biased  Transistors、Voltage Regulator IC,IC、MOSFET、IGBT、SCR、Modules). We are also the appointed agents and distributors of the famous brand names in this field. we developed fast with our client cooperation closly. Al...(View)

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  • (16307)
  • Contact: Mr.james   MSN:james_123lin@hotmail.com,SKYPE:wondle  Chat with me
  • Tel: +86-755-23932235
  • Fax: +86-755-83996795
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • TONGGUANG (H.K.) Electrics Co., Limited has always had the faith in its mind, which are mutual benefit, sincerity, and customer first, since its establishment. We also want to have a development which is based one Hong Kong, facing TaiWan, Austrlia and so on for we want to positively develop domestically and outside the broad market. What' more, we still strive to obtaining the customers' consistent faith and high praise. Our product covers MAX, ADI, LINEAR, DALLAS, BB, INTEL, CRYSTAL, ELANTEC, XILINX, ALTERA, IDT, PHILIPS, NS, HARRIS, ERICSSON, ROHM, PANASONIC, T...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: TDA7297SA
Price: .6-1 USDTDA7297SA
    Price: 0.6-1 USD

    Models: TCA785
Price: 1-2 USDTCA785
    Price: 1-2 USD

    Models: SML-512DWT86
Price: .05-.1 USDSML-512DWT86
    Price: 0.05-0.1 USD

    Models: S2065J
Price: .4-2 USDS2065J
    Price: 0.4-2 USD

    Models: PIC12F629-I/P
Price: .5-.9 USDPIC12F629-I/P
    Price: 0.5-0.9 USD

  • Sen Tai Trading Limited

      Hong  Free Member
  • (15410)
  • Contact: Ms.Miki    Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-66883115
  • Fax: 86-755-33223226
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Sentai Trading LimitedSpecialized in international famous brand of semiconductor , electric components , SMD diodes , transistor and so on.We mainly distribute the brand as: IR 、IXYS、 EUPEC、 ST、 MITSUBISHI、 FUJI、 TOSHIBA、 HATACHI、 SEMIKRON、 SANREX、 SANKEN and some international electric manufacturers.(View)
  • JFJ Electronics Co.,Ltd

      Hong  Free Member
  • (15340)
  • Contact: Ms.Helen Li    Chat with me
  • Tel: 852-0-3069 6366
  • Fax: 852-0-3069 6116
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • JFJ Electronics found in 2002. It is an independent stocking distributor of electronic components. The Management of the company has over 6 years combined experience in the electronic industry.We are trade in inland trade and international trade that we leading supplier of hot and obsolete electronic components. Such: AD. AMD. BB. CY. MICRON. SAMSUNG TOSH.. Intersil. Altera. TI….. JFJ prides itself on being able to supply customers with product upon which customer have difficulty finding, due to allocation, long lead times or being obsolete. When factory direct can’t ...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: BS62LV8001EIP55
Price: 4.65-4.8 USDBS62LV8001EIP55
    Price: 4.65-4.8 USD

    Models: K9WBG08U1M-PCB0
Price: 24.5-25.5 USDK9WBG08U1M-PCB0
    Price: 24.5-25.5 USD

    Models: TC55NEM216ATGN70
Price: 6.5-7 USDTC55NEM216ATGN70
    Price: 6.5-7 USD

    Models: XC95144XL-10TQ144C
Price: 20-23 USDXC95144XL-10TQ144C
    Price: 20-23 USD

    Models: TLE6712G+F1
Price: 1.5-1.8 USDTLE6712G+F1
    Price: 1.5-1.8 USD

  • Virtue Wealth Union Technology Co., Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (15212)
  • Contact: Mr.Juven You    Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-8323 9659
  • Fax: 86-755-8323 9659
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Virtue Wealth Union Technology Co., Limited is located in the Asian largest electronic center, which is advantageous geographical position so that we can provide preferential of all kinds of electronic parts, including Sensor, motor, connector, relay, Op Amps, Potentiometers, Inductors, Automation PLCs ,LCDs, Modules, Capacitors, Resistors, Transistors, Diodes, Relays, Voltage Regulators, Bridge Rectifiers, and other hard to find electronic parts. Main brand as Mitsubishi, Omron, Sunx, Keyence, Riko, Sick ,Siemens and others. Engaged in the electronics industry for many y...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: Z-15GQ-B
Price: 1.5-2 USDZ-15GQ-B
    Price: 1.5-2 USD

    Models: YPPD-J006C
Price: 14-14.5 USDYPPD-J006C
    Price: 14-14.5 USD

    Models: YPPD-J014C
Price: 7.5-7.8 USDYPPD-J014C
    Price: 7.5-7.8 USD

    Models: WP05R24S05N
Price: 10.8-11 USDWP05R24S05N
    Price: 10.8-11 USD

    Models: W78E516DPG
Price: 1.3-1.4 USDW78E516DPG
    Price: 1.3-1.4 USD

  • ASC (HK) Electronic Co., Limited,

      China  Free Member
  • (15016)
  • Contact: Ms.shanna wei   MSN:shanna_wei@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-755-61570263, 29461381
  • Fax: 0086-755-61570263
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • ASC (HK) Electronic Co., Limited, in the market of ICs, especially to supply Obsolete, hard-to-find or allocated component & Module and have a strong IC stock that can fully satisfy with your needs.If you’re in IC business line and trying to find reliable supplier, ASC (HK) Electronic Co., Ltd is your best choice!What ASC can do for you?1> Help to find the right parts with high quality & competitive price; Samples can be provided;2> Flexible Payment Terms: T/T, PayPal, ESCROW, Western Union...3> Fast delivery, Europe & America can get ...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: AU6256
Price: .5-1 USDAU6256
    Price: 0.5-1 USD

    Models: 2SC2630A
Price: 1-1 USD2SC2630A
    Price: 1-1 USD

    Models: 2SC1946A
Price: 1-1 USD2SC1946A
    Price: 1-1 USD

    Models: IE0505D
Price: 1-1 USDIE0505D
    Price: 1-1 USD

    Models: LT1088CD
Price: 1-1 USDLT1088CD
    Price: 1-1 USD


      Hong  Free Member
  • (14112)
  • Contact: Ms.Nici   MSN:hcxsell@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-8279 3692
  • Fax: 86-755-8279 6001
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • YINKE Electronics is a leading value-added distributor providing specialist design-in, sales and marketing services for international suppliers in the fields of Semiconductors, RF and Wireless, Fuse,IC electronics ,Frequency Control, Electromechanical, Power Management and Board Level Systems. <br><br>YINKE serves leading customers across a broad range of markets and applications. Each technology group enjoys a diverse portfolio of products allowing YINKE to offer solutions that meet the specific requirements of the most demanding applications.<br>In add...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: 216TCFCGA16F
Price: 11.5-13.5 USD216TCFCGA16F
    Price: 11.5-13.5 USD

    Models: MH88612BV-K
Price: 10.5-11.8 USDMH88612BV-K
    Price: 10.5-11.8 USD

    Models: MH88634BV-2
Price: 22.38-25.89 USDMH88634BV-2
    Price: 22.38-25.89 USD

    Models: FW82801FB SL7Y5
Price: 8-13 USDFW82801FB SL7Y5
    Price: 8-13 USD

    Models: LM240WU4-SLB3
Price: 115-138 USDLM240WU4-SLB3
    Price: 115-138 USD


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  • (14032)
  • Contact: Ms.Bella   MSN:bella-ehk@live.cn  Chat with me
  • Tel: 00-852-30508312
  • Fax: 00-852-27810061
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • E-TOP International(HK)Holdings CO.,LTD was founded in 2006, and now has grown into one of the leading independent IC (integrated circuits) distributors in Hongkong. Over the years, E-TOP International(HK)Holdings CO.,LTD,has built up an enviable reputation in the industry with its good credit, guaranteed quality, competitive price and fast delivery. The company marketing the world s most famous Electronics products; IC involved, FET, triode, Darlington, Schottky, and quickly return, SCR, three-phase bridge rectifier diodes, DC/DC, AC/DC, IGBT, IPM, PIM and Fr...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: TLE4946-1L
Price: .8-1.2 USDTLE4946-1L
    Price: 0.8-1.2 USD

    Models: M41T0M6F
Price: 1.02-1.27 USDM41T0M6F
    Price: 1.02-1.27 USD

    Models: UCB1400BE
Price: 6.25-7.98 USDUCB1400BE
    Price: 6.25-7.98 USD

    Models: CY62256L-70SNCT
Price: 1.23-2.09 USDCY62256L-70SNCT
    Price: 1.23-2.09 USD

    Models: NHPXA270C5C520
Price: 18.28-22.04 USDNHPXA270C5C520
    Price: 18.28-22.04 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (13736)
  • Contact: Mr.arno30@126.com  
  • Tel: 86-755-82880558
  • Fax: 86-755-82880558
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • PANSON ELECTRONICS (HK)CO.,LTD is a specialized global market distributor and broker of all electronic components and sourcing requirements. We are dedicated to providing our customers with impeccable service, quality and price.We offers an array of memory & semiconductor products. They include hard to find, SDRAM,DDR,DDR2,FLASH ...It is SAMSUNG,MICRON,HYNIX,SHARP,ISSI,SPANSION ,INTEL ...Although our specialized service is in electronic components, our sourcing capabilities allow us to fulfill virtually any product requirement. Whether, you are seeking to eliminate channe...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: EP1S60F1020C5N
Price: 600-1000 USDEP1S60F1020C5N
    Price: 600-1000 USD

    Models: RD70HVF1
Price: 18-25 USDRD70HVF1
    Price: 18-25 USD

    Models: MCF5282CVF66
Price: 30-60 USDMCF5282CVF66
    Price: 30-60 USD

    Models: TMS320C6701GJC1671.9V
Price: 100-150 USDTMS320C6701GJC1671.9V
    Price: 100-150 USD

    Models: LM2596SX-5.0
Price: .9-1.6 USDLM2596SX-5.0
    Price: 0.9-1.6 USD

  • Mega Source Elec Ltd

      Hong  Free Member
  • (13644)
  • Contact: Ms.hellen    Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-83690382
  • Fax: 86-755-61624458
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Mega Source Elec. Limited is a leading independent electronic components supplier and distributor since 2004.Mega Source Elec. Limited has been specialized in providing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Contract Electronic Manufacturers (CEMs) which is  hard to find, obsolete and hot sales integrated circuits and semiconductors. With years’ development, we have had developed a complete electronic components supply and distribute system. Through our importing and exporting of components all around the world, Mega Source Elec. Limited can quickly feedback...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: 5005251100
Price: .3016-.9776 USD5005251100
    Price: 0.3016-0.9776 USD

    Models: LM7805
Price: .29-.94 USDLM7805
    Price: 0.29-0.94 USD

    Models: LM7812
Price: .29-.94 USDLM7812
    Price: 0.29-0.94 USD

    Models: MP1593DN
Price: .3131-1.0152 USDMP1593DN
    Price: 0.3131-1.0152 USD

    Models: MBI5035GF
Price: .203-.658 USDMBI5035GF
    Price: 0.203-0.658 USD

  • C & Z electronic HONGKONG CO., LIMITED

      Hong  Free Member
  • (13496)
  • Contact: Ms.chen   MSN:ann-electronics@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 00852-00852-30786627
  • Fax: 00852-00852-35902333
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • C&Z electronic (HK) CO., LTD is an IC trading CO. which has high credit statu in our country. Our sales include ordinary , infrequent IC ( mostly for military, telecommunications, transportation and medical ) resistance , diode...etc. Our tenet is CREDIT THE FIRST !! Now this introduction is not only just for self-introduce, but also hope can establish the business relation with you in the further. If you have any needs, just feel free to let us know , I will try my best to offer you.(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: UDA3000HL/N1
Price: 5.89-7.3 USDUDA3000HL/N1
    Price: 5.89-7.3 USD

    Models: MRF182
Price: 11.5-16.5 USDMRF182
    Price: 11.5-16.5 USD

    Models: MRF177
Price: 38.5-44.5 USDMRF177
    Price: 38.5-44.5 USD

    Models: PTF10021
Price: 1-10 USDPTF10021
    Price: 1-10 USD

    Models: MRF174
Price: 24.5-30.5 USDMRF174
    Price: 24.5-30.5 USD

  • Antech Electronic ( HK ) CO.,Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (13462)
  • Contact: Ms.Elaine Huang   MSN:antech-sales3@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-0755-82725725
  • Fax: 86-0755-82725726
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • This is Elaine Huang from Antech,Our company sells all kinds of electronic components including computer parts,GPS modules,antennas,LCD display,ic,diodes,capacitors,resistors,etc. We will try our best to give you good quality and best price. We can ship to you by dhl about 3days cost 25usd within 0.5kg or by china post about two weeks cost 8usd within 0.3kg,,we can accept paypal payment or western union for small samples order. Hope we can have good cooperation in the future. Regards Elaine Huang Antech Electronic(HK)Co.,Limited Add:808,West,Hangyuan Building,Zh...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: NF4-4X-N-A2
Price: 1-2 USDNF4-4X-N-A2
    Price: 1-2 USD

    Models: LE82GL960
Price: 1-2 USDLE82GL960
    Price: 1-2 USD

    Models: GF-GO7950-GTXHN-A2
Price: 1-2 USDGF-GO7950-GTXHN-A2
    Price: 1-2 USD

    Models: AC82GL40
Price: 1-2 USDAC82GL40
    Price: 1-2 USD

    Models: 216PNAKA13FG
Price: 1-2 USD216PNAKA13FG
    Price: 1-2 USD

  • KunLiDa Electronics(HK) Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (12845)
  • Contact: Mr.Tony Tsai   MSN:kunlida@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-83558702
  • Fax: 86-755-83465683
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • KunLiDa Electronics(HK) Limited specilizes in electronic components and has many years of selling experience in IC industry. We have built up an intelligent selling system on-line which can provide perfect serves to the customers all over the world and can give a direct selling platform to the main brands suppliers. At the same time, we have excellent science, technology and professionals and we reguard the IT information technique as the most important thing.(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: TPS61020DRCR
Price: .5-1 USDTPS61020DRCR
    Price: 0.5-1 USD

    Models: AN13208A-VB+
Price: .4-1 USDAN13208A-VB+
    Price: 0.4-1 USD

    Models: AN13208A-VB
Price: .4-1 USDAN13208A-VB
    Price: 0.4-1 USD

    Models: TC7SH32FS
Price: .08-.3 USDTC7SH32FS
    Price: 0.08-0.3 USD

    Models: TC7SH126FS
Price: .08-.3 USDTC7SH126FS
    Price: 0.08-0.3 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (12725)
  • Contact: Ms.Jenny/George   MSN:stjtech06@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82686456
  • Fax: 86-755-82686552
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • STJ-Tech INTL’ Co., Ltd is the professional distributor specialized in Module,LED,Diode,Audion,Resistor(Capacitor),USB series product,the obsolete & Military IC,Memory IC with the famous brand in the world.STJ-Tech consists of the Domestic Sale department,International Sale department,the Domestic Marketing department, QA department,Stock &Logistics department,Administration Department. We are the union-team of professionals in the electronic field,and have been doing our best to supply the the excellent product and service all the time!Since 2002, STJ-Tech has be...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: LJ64EU34
Price: 180-400 USDLJ64EU34
    Price: 180-400 USD

    Models: SCDA1A0900
Price: 1-2.5 USDSCDA1A0900
    Price: 1-2.5 USD

    Models: ISD2540
Price: 4-8 USDISD2540
    Price: 4-8 USD

    Models: TDP-182W
Price: 15-40 USDTDP-182W
    Price: 15-40 USD

    Models: PX-820A
Price: 80-120 USDPX-820A
    Price: 80-120 USD

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