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  • Anterwell Technology Ltd.

      China  Free Member
  • (5142)
  • Contact: Ms.Ellen   MSN:anterwell2@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-61327620
  • Fax: 86-755-61352206
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Anterwell Tech Ltd. is an Electronic Company in China, who is the leading distributor of the Memory (SDRAM, Flash) & Digital Photo Frame. ■ Honesty, Faithfulness, Developing together, making mutual benefit & customer-oriented are our managing principle! ■ Main Products: Integrated Circuits, Diodes, Transistors, Modules, Capacitors, Resistors, Inductors, LED etc. ■ Our products are widely used in military, and civil industry (communication, monitoring security, digital products) to provide one-stop and full service. ■ All of our products are s...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: M27C512-10F1
Price: .8-1.2 USDM27C512-10F1
    Price: 0.8-1.2 USD

    Models: LM6134BIM
Price: .56-.85 USDLM6134BIM
    Price: 0.56-0.85 USD

    Models: LM2576T-ADJ
Price: .22-.35 USDLM2576T-ADJ
    Price: 0.22-0.35 USD

    Models: PCI6152-CC33PCG
Price: 3.5-4 USDPCI6152-CC33PCG
    Price: 3.5-4 USD

    Models: XCF32PVOG48C
Price: 10-13 USDXCF32PVOG48C
    Price: 10-13 USD

  • Hiresun Electronics Co., Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (5093)
  • Contact: Ms.Serena   MSN:hiresun2@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-0755-89237561
  • Fax: 86-0755-83558630
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Hiresun Electronics Co.,Limited, a special distributor of electronic parts and components. We have more than 10years experience in electronics with good and long source.The products we can supply include Integrated Circuit, MOSFET&JFET, Cap&Resistor,Diode&Audion,Relay,Connector,Optocoupler , RF electronics, Crystal oscillator and High-frequency.Besides, we also have strong source at Semiconductor Module, IGBT Module, SCR Module, FUSE, Power module,Schottky,Darlington,Thyristor Module and so on.Our products are widely used in network communication,mechanical manu...(View)
  • Lung-chiang Technology (H.K.) Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (5091)
  • Contact: Ms.Rosemary Gao   MSN:QQ
  • Tel: 86-755-21636767
  • Fax: 86-755-21636767
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Lung-chiang Technology (H.K.) Ltd is a global distributor of electronic components,as the verified & recommended supplier of SeekIC.com and ChinaICMart.com. We serve as a supply channel for a vast array of markets,including telecommunications,information systems, transportation,medical,industrial,and consumer electronics industries. We provide high quality,hard to find, obsolete and industry parts.Through innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for customer service, Lung-chiang Technology (H.K.) Ltd has gained plenty of goo...(View)

      China  Free Member
  • (5031)
  • Contact: Ms.JANE  
  • Tel: 86-755-83237757
  • Fax: 86-755-82725269
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Zener International Trading (HK) Limited is a leading distributor of electronic components worldwide, dealing with semiconductors and transistors. <br> We offer products for not only components currently in production, but also for obsolete parts. We strive to provide exemplary quality products and competitive pricing to all our customers overseas , also we do our best to provide solutions to all customer's needs. <br> We hope to get to know with more international friends sincerely, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit , close cooperation and prosperity of...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: KMVTU000LM-B503
Price: 1-100 USDKMVTU000LM-B503
    Price: 1-100 USD

    Models: RF9810
Price: 1.4-1.8 USDRF9810
    Price: 1.4-1.8 USD

    Models: RF9802
Price: 1.32-1.6 USDRF9802
    Price: 1.32-1.6 USD

    Models: RF9801
Price: 1.3-1.6 USDRF9801
    Price: 1.3-1.6 USD

    Models: RF7248
Price: .6-.9 USDRF7248
    Price: 0.6-0.9 USD

  • Believe Technologies Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (5028)
  • Contact: Mr.JASON LU   MSN:believe_tec@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82862090
  • Fax: 86-755-82862091
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Believe Technologies Ltd.is one of the most reliable suppliers in China and keeps large own stock as well as has many reliable sources.We are strong in supply hard-to-find obsolete parts,Military grade parts, Active and Passive Components,Diodes,Triodes,Transistors, Capacitors,Module,Connectors Switches,Relay and Potentiometers Etc. Believe Technologies Ltd. always sticks to the principle---High quality,Better price and Best service! We are a distributor of RAMTRON!Welcome to give us your daily enquiries.Hopefully we can win-win in the near future! Welcome to ...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: FM28V100-TG
Price: 5.4-5.5 USDFM28V100-TG
    Price: 5.4-5.5 USD

    Models: FM28V020-SGTR
Price: 3.2-3.3 USDFM28V020-SGTR
    Price: 3.2-3.3 USD

    Models: VT1631LG
Price: 2.6-2.7 USDVT1631LG
    Price: 2.6-2.7 USD

    Models: UPD78F9202MA-CAC-A
Price: .3-.31 USDUPD78F9202MA-CAC-A
    Price: 0.3-0.31 USD

    Models: SKIIP12NAB126V1
Price: 48-49 USDSKIIP12NAB126V1
    Price: 48-49 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (5016)
  • Contact: Mr.DINGXING    Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-88359349
  • Fax: --
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • DINGXING (HK) ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has more than 8 years selling experience of the passive electronic components, IC and both as a set when it was established since 2002. We always persist credibility first, customer first as our center and provide personalized one-stop service including the purchase and after-sales service. Over these many years, it has built up a remarkable reputation. We are the true professional distributor in the field of electronic components. As the company grows, our business has expanded all over the world. And we have been partners wit...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: Z85C3010VEC
Price: 1-10 USDZ85C3010VEC
    Price: 1-10 USD

    Models: TLE6282G
Price: 1-10 USDTLE6282G
    Price: 1-10 USD

    Models: PGA205AU
Price: 1-10 USDPGA205AU
    Price: 1-10 USD

    Models: N80C196KC16
Price: 1-10 USDN80C196KC16
    Price: 1-10 USD

    Models: ML4669CQ
Price: 1-10 USDML4669CQ
    Price: 1-10 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (4975)
  • Contact: Mr.John   MSN:zzr759@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-755-88301637
  • Fax: 86-755-88305275
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Good day, my dear friend! Welcome to KANSHEN (HONGKONG) INDUSTRIAL LIMITED. We are very glad can meet you here, We appreciate your patience to read ourself introduction! Kanshen have a great deal of electronic component in stock, But that is impossilbe for us to publicize our inventory here, but I can tell you that we keep many many new and original components in stock now, All these product are from Well-known international manufacture, such as TI, ON, ST, MAXIM/DALLAS, Cypress...etc. And we have 2 Experienced purchase teams, they can help our client to g...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: TMS320LF2407APGEA
Price: .01-20 USDTMS320LF2407APGEA
    Price: 0.01-20 USD

    Models: AT90CAN32-16AU
Price: .01-20 USDAT90CAN32-16AU
    Price: 0.01-20 USD

    Models: L4960
Price: .01-20 USDL4960
    Price: 0.01-20 USD

    Models: C8051F005-GQR
Price: .01-20 USDC8051F005-GQR
    Price: 0.01-20 USD

    Models: SKM75GB123D
Price: .01-20 USDSKM75GB123D
    Price: 0.01-20 USD

  • Keminglong Electronics Co.Ltd.

      China  Free Member
  • (4925)
  • Contact: Ms.Saintly   MSN:belinda_2008b@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-0755-82773859
  • Fax: 86-0755-83046383
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Keminglong Electronics Co.Ltd is an electronic company which is professional in IC trading. Our products are all have reliable brands and high quality covering top brands worldwide, such as AD,BB/TI,MAXIM,LT,MOTOROLA,PHILIPS,INTEL,etc. We stick to the principle of high quality and perfect service all through our trading. We are featured for the large stock and the hard to find ICs , especailly the electronic parts which are used in military applications. We have low price, high quality and fast delivery and sincerely hope to cooperate with all our friends in this line to ...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: AD830AN
Price: 2-3 USDAD830AN
    Price: 2-3 USD

    Models: MC33033DW
Price: 1.5-2 USDMC33033DW
    Price: 1.5-2 USD

    Models: BTS740S2
Price: .63-1 USDBTS740S2
    Price: 0.63-1 USD

    Models: DS1225Y-200
Price: 4-5 USDDS1225Y-200
    Price: 4-5 USD

    Models: CMP04BY/883
Price: 18-20 USDCMP04BY/883
    Price: 18-20 USD

  • Aino Electronics (HK) Ltd.

      China  Free Member
  • (4907)
  • Contact: Mr.jian   MSN:aino-ken@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-755-23994510/36933758/36933759
  • Fax: 86-755-23999569
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Aino Electronics (HK) Ltd is the cetified and recommended supplier of www.hkinventory.com and www.chinaicmart.com Our company was built in 2006, specializing in distributing & Purchacsing a wide range of famous Electronic Components,such as Integrated circuit (IC) ,Diode ,Dynatron,Transistors ,Resistor,LCD & Led , etc.we are able to find the materials of shortage for customers instantly, exactly and safely, and also work in a long term ordering for IC of many famous brands. Our company concentrates on the line of high point products,which are widely used in the field ...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: M45PE16-VMW6TG
Price: .9-1 USDM45PE16-VMW6TG
    Price: 0.9-1 USD

    Models: M45PE80-VMW6TG
Price: .86-.88 USDM45PE80-VMW6TG
    Price: 0.86-0.88 USD

    Models: M45PE40-VMW6TG
Price: .88-.9 USDM45PE40-VMW6TG
    Price: 0.88-0.9 USD

    Models: M25PE16-VMW6TG
Price: .65-.68 USDM25PE16-VMW6TG
    Price: 0.65-0.68 USD

    Models: M25PE80-VMW6TG
Price: .58-.6 USDM25PE80-VMW6TG
    Price: 0.58-0.6 USD

  • Top ic Electronics (HK) Co. Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (4828)
  • Contact: Ms.Helen   MSN:helen.3@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-755-28448090
  • Fax: 86-755-82724212
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Our company is a professional distributor in Electronic Components for many years, all of our parts are from original factory and agent line which involve in Civilian, Industrial and Military, have a lot of stock parts, which can ship at once.Welcome your inqirys!(View)
  • Rong Chuang Xin (HK) Co.,Ltd.

      China  Free Member
  • (4781)
  • Contact: Ms.Guo   MSN:isabella@bjsldc.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82574344
  • Fax: 86-755-83530220
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • RongChuangXin (HK) Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest & most professional suppliers of electronic components such as IC chips, diodes, triodes, capacitors and resistors in China.Our products are widely used for meters,monitor & control instruments ,communications system, home appliances and automatic intelligent control machines,ect. With the principle of your satisfaction,for one thing, We would provide you with new & original products and people-oriented service. For another,we are sure of the swift delivery from Beijing,Shenzhen and Shantou based on our formal & stable sou...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: AD7528JNZ
Price: 0-0 USDAD7528JNZ
    Price: 0-0 USD

    Models: AD7501JNZ
Price: 0-0 USDAD7501JNZ
    Price: 0-0 USD

    Models: AD650JNZ
Price: 0-0 USDAD650JNZ
    Price: 0-0 USD

    Models: AD620BR
Price: 0-0 USDAD620BR
    Price: 0-0 USD

    Models: AD620AR
Price: 0-0 USDAD620AR
    Price: 0-0 USD


      Hong  Free Member
  • (4717)
  • Contact: Ms.Amanda    Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-83998411
  • Fax: 86-755-83248626
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • HOLYARK INDUSTRIAL (HK) LIMITED is set up in 2004. As a professional ICs supplier of Brand IC manufacturers,we deal with kinds of ICs like Capacitors/Connectors/Diodes & Transistors/ICs Analog & Mixed Signal ICs/Digital Cards & Modules/Relays & Keyboards/Sensors/Switches/Test & Measurements etc in best quality. With years development, we setup good relationship with major brand manufacturers and suppliers, parts from top brand IR/Allegro/ST/AD/TI.BB/ALTERA/MAX/PHILIPS/MICROCHIP/ NSC/ON/MOT/FSC/NEC/SANYO/INTEL/PANASONIC/LT/AGELLRO/HONEYWELL/3M/NAIS/OMR...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: SFH4244-Z
Price: .22-.28 USDSFH4244-Z
    Price: 0.22-0.28 USD

    Models: SMP8654A-CBE3
Price: 12-14 USDSMP8654A-CBE3
    Price: 12-14 USD

    Models: OV9712
Price: 2-2.6 USDOV9712
    Price: 2-2.6 USD

    Models: SPVE110600
Price: .225-.24 USDSPVE110600
    Price: 0.225-0.24 USD

    Models: UPD720101GJ
Price: 2.55-2.75 USDUPD720101GJ
    Price: 2.55-2.75 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (4684)
  • Contact: Ms.Fiona Li    Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-23914441
  • Fax: 86-755-23914440
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • SHE(HK)Limited was founded in 2005, and set up branches in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. SHE is a professional agent of electronic components distributor with many years of industry experience. As the Diamond & VIP member of seekic. SHE has established a good cooperative relationship with the manufacturers and world-famous brands from Europe & the US,Southeast Asia,Japan and South Korea, we have a stable supply chains,100% quality guarantee,competitive price, fast delivery and perfect after-sales service. SHE mainly deal with IC parts and module,Capacitor, Resistor, ...(View)

      Hong  Free Member
  • (4680)
  • Contact: Ms.Alice  
  • Tel: 0086-0755-88601239
  • Fax: 0086-0755-88601142
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Win-true Electronics Co., LTD is a professional independent distributors of electronic components on world famous brands. After our all colleagues in the company of many years of hard work and the support of the customers, our company has established a global supply system now, and has more than 100000 stock parts, has accumulated rich experience in the industry, has won the consistent trust and approval of our general customers at home and abroad.(View)
  • Beijing Meierda Elcetronitcs co,LTD

      China  Free Member
  • (4677)
  • Contact: Ms.jenny   MSN:jennywang555@msn.cn  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-010-62627828-603
  • Fax: 86-010-82637066
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Beijing Meierda Electronics CO.,LTD. is established in 1987. The company mainly sell famous IC for foreign country. It has over 10 years experience of marketing electronic components. Our company also has lots of merchandise on hand for a long time. We have direct supply of goods, complete variety and resonable price. Quality first and prestige first is our intent. We are professional in TI,AD,ON,Intel,Maxim and so on,We hope to develop together with the old and new clients home and abroad ....(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: M27C2001-10F6
Price: 6.19-6.67 USDM27C2001-10F6
    Price: 6.19-6.67 USD

    Models: PTH05020WAH
Price: 15.08-17.5 USDPTH05020WAH
    Price: 15.08-17.5 USD

    Models: M27C256B-12F6
Price: 3.49-3.8 USDM27C256B-12F6
    Price: 3.49-3.8 USD

    Models: MPX2200DP
Price: 6.67-7.15 USDMPX2200DP
    Price: 6.67-7.15 USD

    Models: MPX2100DP
Price: 6.67-7.15 USDMPX2100DP
    Price: 6.67-7.15 USD

  • HongKong YiQi Industry Co. Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (4651)
  • Contact: Ms.helen   MSN:sale838@ic-zr.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82724686
  • Fax: 86-755-82709456
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • HongKong Yiqi Industry Co Ltd. was founded in January 1997. the member of Broker Forum since 2003. We are committed to the supply of Electronic Components specialized in Ics such as MAX. AD. TI. AT. NXP. ALT. XIL. FREE. INF. DS. NEC. ect. Customer groups and best credits gained with years of professional knowledge and experience. Products are widely used in consumer Digital, Digital-analog communications, electronic engineering test development, medical, official, and military. Customer base in domestic and overseas vendors, trade distributor, electronic engineer, militar...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: KSZ8893MQL
Price: 7.26-8.55 USDKSZ8893MQL
    Price: 7.26-8.55 USD

    Models: AD9042AD
Price: 195.5-355.59 USDAD9042AD
    Price: 195.5-355.59 USD

    Models: DS1747WP-120
Price: 12-15.52 USDDS1747WP-120
    Price: 12-15.52 USD

    Models: DG183AP/883
Price: 26.2-28.55 USDDG183AP/883
    Price: 26.2-28.55 USD

    Models: SNJ54ABT162245WD
Price: 68.5-80.5 USDSNJ54ABT162245WD
    Price: 68.5-80.5 USD


      Hong  Free Member
  • (4644)
  • Contact: Ms.chan   MSN:kmx-king@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-83979232
  • Fax: 86-755-83979232
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • KEMEIXIN(HK)TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.is one of the leading exporters & wholesalers of worldwide famous brand electronics components(IC) in china . After past 4 years hard work , we already build a good & stable relationship with factories and our smart clients . we always believed “ Technology makes better life , honest makes limitless future” . And “ work for quality , work for service ,work for client” is our principle . Believe me , choose “ KMX” is your best choice . We are striving to make our company become much stronger and we hope to be your best supplier. Looking forwa...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: DS-C075-R
Price: 6-8 USDDS-C075-R
    Price: 6-8 USD

    Models: 0L-08HA-00-037
Price: 6-8 USD0L-08HA-00-037
    Price: 6-8 USD

    Models: HPC1LX
Price: 6-7 USDHPC1LX
    Price: 6-7 USD

    Models: KSS-710A
Price: 9-11 USDKSS-710A
    Price: 9-11 USD

    Models: TAOHS-KP1
Price: 10-12 USDTAOHS-KP1
    Price: 10-12 USD

  • YangCheng Electronics IntL Ltd.

      China  Free Member
  • (4568)
  • Contact: Ms.Lena   MSN:yc-022@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-755-82510656
  • Fax: 86-755-83014402
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • YangCheng Electronics Int’L Ltd established in 1997. Which is a global suppliers specializing in all kinds of branded-name IC(Integrated Circuits)series and other electronic components. In the past ten years' stable development, YangCheng founded an excellent international commercial reputation and public praise. our company carries out excellent commercial reputation, bases on sincerely management, and received customers' support and highly praise, then Yangcheng succeed step and step. At present, we have acquired various honorary certificate and correlation authenticati...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: XCF16PV048C
Price: 8.8-9 USDXCF16PV048C
    Price: 8.8-9 USD

    Models: XCF08PV048C
Price: 6.5-6.9 USDXCF08PV048C
    Price: 6.5-6.9 USD

    Models: XC3S5000-5FGG676C
Price: 65-68 USDXC3S5000-5FGG676C
    Price: 65-68 USD

    Models: W9825G6JH-6
Price: .8-.98 USDW9825G6JH-6
    Price: 0.8-0.98 USD

    Models: VIPER28LN
Price: .4-.5 USDVIPER28LN
    Price: 0.4-0.5 USD

  • International IC Agent Co., Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (4547)
  • Contact: Mr.Peter    Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-754-84482847
  • Fax: 86-754-84482847
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • International IC Agent Co Ltd was established in 1998. We take advantage of the enormous inventory. With the hard exploiting work of all the workers and the modern management system. we have flourished achievements for years. Our business has extended from the home to the overseas countries. At the same time we have established good cooperation relationships with many enterprises. manufacturers and IC distributors. We gained the widely support and reputation. Till now we have become a famous IC supplier at home and abroad. The IC electronic components which we stocked ar...(View)
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