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  • (2423)
  • Contact: Ms.Elena   MSN:efine007@hotmail.com,efine001@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-83044035
  • Fax: 86-755-88396952
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • EFINE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is a professional supplier and distributor on the electronics components industry. We have 15 years experience in Active Components and Passive Components-including Memory IC, Semiconductors, Capacitors, Inductors, Resistors, Modules and Other series of Electronic components… ▲The preponderant products in Active parts as below, 1) Memory Products(DDR,DDR2,DDR3,SRAM,DRAM,EDO,FLASH….) The MFG such as Samsung, Micron, CYPRESS, AMD, Spansion,ISSI, HY, INTEL,TOSHIBA,HIT….etc. 2) IC Semiconductors (The MFG such as NSC, Maxim,AD, ON, TI, ST, LT,INTERS...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: MT48H8M32LFB5-75 IT:G
Price: 4-4.5 USDMT48H8M32LFB5-75 IT:G
    Price: 4-4.5 USD

    Models: MT47H64M16HR-3:E
Price: 5.5-6 USDMT47H64M16HR-3:E
    Price: 5.5-6 USD

    Models: HY5DU573222F-28
Price: 2.8-3.3 USDHY5DU573222F-28
    Price: 2.8-3.3 USD

    Models: HY5PS1G831CFP-S6
Price: 2.5-2.8 USDHY5PS1G831CFP-S6
    Price: 2.5-2.8 USD

    Models: MX29F002BQC-70
Price: 1.3-1.5 USDMX29F002BQC-70
    Price: 1.3-1.5 USD

  • Grand Parts Electronics Corporation

      China  Free Member
  • (2409)
  • Contact: Ms.Anna   MSN:marcolam@live.cn  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-8281-4478
  • Fax: 86-755-8281-4458
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Grand Parts Electronics Co. was founded in 1991,is a worldwide distributor of electronic components.Our main product include transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors, flash memory,microprocessors, memory cards, integrated circuits, semiconductors. Grand Parts technology Co., LTD is a professional supplier of electronic components. With many years of experience in sales integrated circuits. Main brand is XICOR ATMEL NS MAXIM LTC AD ON TI ALTERA associates INFINEON MOTOROLA XILINX etc. My company stock in small quantities, business philosophy, to provide service to ...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: AD654JNZ
Price: 3.7-4.2 USDAD654JNZ
    Price: 3.7-4.2 USD

    Models: TOP250YN
Price: 1.1-1.6 USDTOP250YN
    Price: 1.1-1.6 USD

    Models: ISO122JP
Price: 7.3-11.2 USDISO122JP
    Price: 7.3-11.2 USD

    Models: HA7210IBZ
Price: .8-1.2 USDHA7210IBZ
    Price: 0.8-1.2 USD

    Models: PCA82C251T
Price: .95-1.2 USDPCA82C251T
    Price: 0.95-1.2 USD

  • Mashuo tech Co., Limitd

      China  Free Member
  • (2407)
  • Contact: Ms.Shirley   MSN:shirley@gabrielelec-hk.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-755-83951753
  • Fax: 0086-755-83996697
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Mashuo-tech has been dealing in international brands of electronic integrated circuits for many years yet, and we have extensive experience in the electronics industry. We focus on the power system products,medical products, program-controlled switches,communication equipment,decoders,tax-control equipment,numerical control equipment and industrial equipment, Especially in large-scale programmable devices (CPLD, FPGA, PROM), high-speed static memory (SRAM) and other types of high-end memory (dual-port RAM, FIFO) chip embedded systems such as a strong competitive advantage...(View)
  • Walsoon Group LTD.

      China  Free Member
  • (2403)
  • Contact: Ms.Rita   MSN:rita_icsales@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-755-61681661
  • Fax: 86-755-82818852
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Walsoon have been established in Jan. 2007 in HK. After Six years development, we have two offices in Shenzhen of China and one office in HK now. There’re about 20 staff worked in our main office of Shenzhen. Our electronic components are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, USA and EU through HK. We have indirectly supplying the components to South Korea Samsung, India LG and EU factories.Our advantage products: Automative, MID, Mobile, Lights, Security Products, etc. Walsoon strong lines: 1. Microchip MCU series parts , like 18F25K80, 16F723,16F1936...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: AXK7L30227BG
Price: .2-.4 USDAXK7L30227BG
    Price: 0.2-0.4 USD

    Models: AXK8L30124BG
Price: .167-.2 USDAXK8L30124BG
    Price: 0.167-0.2 USD

    Models: MNR04M0ABJ220
Price: .0045-.013 USDMNR04M0ABJ220
    Price: 0.0045-0.013 USD

    Models: TSB41LV06APZPG4
Price: 6.8-9 USDTSB41LV06APZPG4
    Price: 6.8-9 USD

    Models: PIC16F690-I/P
Price: 1-1.5 USDPIC16F690-I/P
    Price: 1-1.5 USD


      Hong  Free Member
  • (2382)
  • Contact: Mr.Sam   MSN:ljscollege@163.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-33696466
  • Fax: 86-755-33696499
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Focusing on value-added services, INNOVATE INTERNATIONAL is the biggest, fast growing provider of electronic components and solutions in China. INNOVATE INTERNATIONAL(HK) ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD is a total electronic components (include production optical lens) provider of quality components, working closely with worldwide leading semiconductor suppliers, and provides OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) and EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) in China with a wide range of electronic components, which are applied...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: IRL1004PBF
Price: .617-.685 USDIRL1004PBF
    Price: 0.617-0.685 USD

    Models: TP3057WMX/PB
Price: .805-.9 USDTP3057WMX/PB
    Price: 0.805-0.9 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (2370)
  • Contact: Mr.ryan   MSN:ryan@keyokin.cn  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82722883
  • Fax: 86-755-82722922
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Keyokin Electron is a professional distributor for various global electronic components, with more than 12 years experience in this industry.We stocked a large lines of parts in our own warehouse, it enable us to offer our clients with the most competitive price, best quality,fast shipment, long warranty(45-90days). And we are not only have our own stock, but also we can source for you in the whole chinese market. we know quite well about the China market, with a very strong sourcing ability. We are GOLD ISCP of TBF, GOLD STRC merber of HKin for years, wit...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: JANTXV2N6790
Price: 1.8-2 USDJANTXV2N6790
    Price: 1.8-2 USD

  • Hongsheng (Hongkong) Electronics Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (2370)
  • Contact: Ms.Amy   MSN:hs-vicky@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-26766949
  • Fax: 86-755-26945505
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Hongsheng (HK) Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manfuacturer of the Electronic Components. Distribution of the world's leading brands of electronic components. Such as the electronic components with the brand name of TOSHIBA, INTERSIL, FREESCALE, AD, BB, MAX, DS, TI, MITEL, XILINX, and a variety of IGBT, IPM, PIM, GTR, MOS , schottky, SCR, rectifier power modules and a variety of attributes DC-DC, AC-DC power modules such products ,which are widely used in high-tech, telecommunications, shipping, instruments and other different areas.We have been adherin...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: GF-GO7300T-N-A3
Price: 1-1 USDGF-GO7300T-N-A3
    Price: 1-1 USD

    Models: NF-G6150-N-A2
Price: 1-1 USDNF-G6150-N-A2
    Price: 1-1 USD

    Models: G86-631-A2
Price: 1-1 USDG86-631-A2
    Price: 1-1 USD

    Models: EP1C3T144C8N
Price: 1-1 USDEP1C3T144C8N
    Price: 1-1 USD

    Models: EP3C16F256C8N
Price: 1-1 USDEP3C16F256C8N
    Price: 1-1 USD


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  • (2367)
  • Contact: Ms.Ella  
  • Tel: 0086-135-30963170
  • Fax: 0086--
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Antro as a trading company (import/export) for semi-conductors and electronics components, we mainly deal in the famous brand components all over the world like AVX,APLS,TDK,KEM,SAMSUNG,PHI,YAGEO,SMA,Omron ,TIANBO,Littelfuse ,ALTERA、AD、MAX、ST、、XILINX、TI、NS、TOS、MOT、AMD、BB、Samsung etc. like integrated circuits, module, diodes, relay, resistors, fuses, connectors, capacitors,Specialized in a hard to find obsolete components.(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: XTR105PA
Price: 4-5.5 USDXTR105PA
    Price: 4-5.5 USD

    Models: U2741B-NFBG3Y
Price: 1.15-1.5 USDU2741B-NFBG3Y
    Price: 1.15-1.5 USD

    Models: MC56F8356VFVE
Price: 7.8-10 USDMC56F8356VFVE
    Price: 7.8-10 USD

    Models: SR721SW
Price: .1-2 USDSR721SW
    Price: 0.1-2 USD

    Models: SR626SW
Price: .1-2 USDSR626SW
    Price: 0.1-2 USD

  • HK YingTai Electronics Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (2365)
  • Contact: Ms.Ada   MSN:214134534  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82578532
  • Fax: 86-755-82578536
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • HK YingTai Electronics Limited is a vibrant company specialized in distributing electronic components and devices which are widely used in such fields as civil, industry, military and so on. The main brands that our company supplies are NSC RT ON ADI INFINEON IXYS SAMSUNG MAXIN IR AD ATMEL TI and other world-famous brands .we have reliable suppliers and the purchase network in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places of China, offering various common components to the customers. We have a firm and powerful stock In our warehouse of Shenzhen and HK together with a large inv...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: PIC24FJ128GB108-I/PT
Price: 3-5.5 USDPIC24FJ128GB108-I/PT
    Price: 3-5.5 USD

    Models: MC34063AP1
Price: .13-.38 USDMC34063AP1
    Price: 0.13-0.38 USD

    Models: ST3485EBDR
Price: .3-.6 USDST3485EBDR
    Price: 0.3-0.6 USD

    Models: STP75NF75
Price: .35-.55 USDSTP75NF75
    Price: 0.35-0.55 USD

    Models: BAV99
Price: .01-.07 USDBAV99
    Price: 0.01-0.07 USD


      Hong  Free Member
  • (2363)
  • Contact: Mr.Sam Zeng   MSN:samzeng@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82853676
  • Fax: 86-755-82782669
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Jin Li Cai Technology Co., LTD. is a specialized large supplier of electronic components(IC primarily). Our company is committed to sales of world famous brands IC, adhering to the professional service purpose and dedicating to providing quality services to our customers. Since the company was founded, with "the good faith management" and "credibility to be the first", we gain the good business image. After keep improving, our company owns better and more advanced management system. Our company always takes focusing on customers’ value and satisfying t...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: VIPER22A
Price: .47-.62 USDVIPER22A
    Price: 0.47-0.62 USD

    Models: VIPER12A
Price: .47-.62 USDVIPER12A
    Price: 0.47-0.62 USD

    Models: L6565D
Price: .47-.62 USDL6565D
    Price: 0.47-0.62 USD

    Models: L7818
Price: .47-.62 USDL7818
    Price: 0.47-0.62 USD

    Models: L7809
Price: .47-.78 USDL7809
    Price: 0.47-0.78 USD

  • Barons Electronics Co., Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (2362)
  • Contact: Mr.Ben zhuang   MSN:kwokzian@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82565473
  • Fax: 86-755-83512732
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Founded in 1992,Barons Electronics specializes in trading of electronic components,primarily for markets and industrial Defence,and proposes a set of complementary services. we are a multiple company which supports high quality service and good prices of ICS, featured with perfect sourcing and marketing network system and luxuriant product lines, has become to be one of the most famous component suppliers in this IC industry after years of development.Our BusinessTrading import and export of high tech electronic components and obsolete.Barons Electronics r...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: W78E516DPG
Price: 1.4-1.5 USDW78E516DPG
    Price: 1.4-1.5 USD

    Models: ADC0804LCN
Price: 2.3-2.5 USDADC0804LCN
    Price: 2.3-2.5 USD

    Models: DS18B20
Price: 1-1.2 USDDS18B20
    Price: 1-1.2 USD

    Models: PL2303HX
Price: .6-.65 USDPL2303HX
    Price: 0.6-0.65 USD

    Models: CP2102-GMR
Price: 1.3-1.4 USDCP2102-GMR
    Price: 1.3-1.4 USD

  • EXPRESS Electronic (HK) Technology Co.Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (2358)
  • Contact: Mr.Ray   MSN:express.hk@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-0755-83268545
  • Fax: 0086-0755-83266273
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • EXPRESS ELECTRONICS (HK)LIMITED , founded in 2000, located in SEG Market which is the Electronics Center of China .We are professional operation of electronic components from all over the world (especially the less popular IC and components) . We are focusing on Original, environmental and stock items .That’s why we can accomplish all orders promptly and be welcomed by our clients .(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: TPS767D318PWPR
Price: 2.4-2.8 USDTPS767D318PWPR
    Price: 2.4-2.8 USD

    Models: FWIXP422BB/425BB
Price: 15.2-18 USDFWIXP422BB/425BB
    Price: 15.2-18 USD

    Models: TPN3021RL
Price: .5-.7 USDTPN3021RL
    Price: 0.5-0.7 USD

    Models: SI3050-KT
Price: .7-.85 USDSI3050-KT
    Price: 0.7-0.85 USD

    Models: SI3019-KT
Price: .7-.85 USDSI3019-KT
    Price: 0.7-0.85 USD

  • Guangzhou YueMei Electronics Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (2348)
  • Contact: Ms.yoyo hu   MSN:gzymyoyo@163.com
  • Tel: 86-020-29126346
  • Fax: 86-020-62236391
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Guangzhou RUIGUANG ELECTRONICS LIMITED is a small electrical manufacturer focused on electrical components and IC sales, most of which are famous brand in the world. we also offer solution of components maching for your purchase. The aim of our company is Human-oriented , we will try our best to offer the high quality and low cost servicewith honest operation for eletricanis suppliers of mainland and purchasers from abroad. Besides, we also oriented to the wholesale of spare parts for Household Electric Appliance Maintenance, purchase of supported products ...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: 6N137
Price: 2-2.2 USD6N137
    Price: 2-2.2 USD

  • CKH Electronics (HK) Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (2325)
  • Contact: Mr.Jason   MSN:CKH-Electronics@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-755-83252752
  • Fax: 86-755-82762701
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • CKH Electronics (HK) Limited Our company is one of company that is specialized operating SMD、DIP components earlier.It is a high profile company and our products sell well both at home and abroad. We have to adhere to the letter-to quality-oriented business philosophy.It mainly include Japan , Europe and the United States .products: AVX.KEMET.VISHAY.NEC.SAMSUNG.PANASONIC.HITACHI.ROHM.SANY.HITACHI、ROHM.SANYO.SONY.TDK.MURATA.TOSHIBA.IR.ST,etc.Tantalum capacitor is our flagship product. (View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: AD9864BCPZ
Price: 7.2-7.5 USDAD9864BCPZ
    Price: 7.2-7.5 USD

    Models: MAX8556ETE
Price: 3.08-3.66 USDMAX8556ETE
    Price: 3.08-3.66 USD

    Models: LTC3402EMS
Price: 1.72-1.87 USDLTC3402EMS
    Price: 1.72-1.87 USD

    Models: LTC4259ACGW-1
Price: 2.03-2.2 USDLTC4259ACGW-1
    Price: 2.03-2.2 USD

    Models: LTC3707EGN
Price: 2.66-2.75 USDLTC3707EGN
    Price: 2.66-2.75 USD

  • Speedy Technology (HK) Co.,Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (2318)
  • Contact: Mr.Andy Peng    Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-755-33510080
  • Fax:
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Speedy Technology (HK) Co.,Ltd is a supplier which specialized in electronic components many years with sales experience of IC.Our company is engaged in all over the world by special arrangement from many electronic manufacturer in the world.(View)

      China  Free Member
  • (2311)
  • Contact: Mr.Steven   MSN:sales1@xy-ic.com
  • Tel: 86-0755-82814283/83987685
  • Fax: 86-0755-82814283
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: LAS14AU
Price: 20-25 USDLAS14AU
    Price: 20-25 USD

    Models: TPDV1225
Price: 2.4-2.5 USDTPDV1225
    Price: 2.4-2.5 USD

    Models: BS62LV4006SI-55
Price: 1-1 USDBS62LV4006SI-55
    Price: 1-1 USD

    Models: PS11047
Price: 1-1 USDPS11047
    Price: 1-1 USD

    Models: K4S561632J-UC75
Price: 1-1 USDK4S561632J-UC75
    Price: 1-1 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (2290)
  • Contact: Ms.Candy Wang   MSN:candy8510@live.cn,info_elecresource@163.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-23884505/23942149
  • Fax: 86-755-23884505
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Hong Kong Electronic Resources Co., Ltd engage in purchasing and exporting electronic components for more than six years,mainly specilize in regulator,transistors,diodes,module,integrated circuits with the advantage brand of Wiznet,Mornsun,Simcom,Ramtron,AMS,Altera,Xilinx,Atmel,CirrusLogic,TI,AD,NXP,IR. ect.,also has the ability and resource to supply capacitor,connector, Led, crystal,AC/DC converter power basis on your detailed specification to save your sourcing time and dificulty. we maynot be the best,but the suitable supplier of your electronic component basis on our...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: MD8087-2/B
Price: 10.58-11.5 USDMD8087-2/B
    Price: 10.58-11.5 USD

    Models: AD9230BCPZ-250
Price: 65-68 USDAD9230BCPZ-250
    Price: 65-68 USD

    Models: MXL5007T
Price: .825-1.12 USDMXL5007T
    Price: 0.825-1.12 USD

    Models: VNC1L-1A
Price: 7.94-8.74 USDVNC1L-1A
    Price: 7.94-8.74 USD

    Models: MPU6050
Price: 4-6.35 USDMPU6050
    Price: 4-6.35 USD

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