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  • Yuexunfa Electronic Co.,Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (3727)
  • Contact: Ms.Linda Lin   MSN:leenchow@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-755-83778358
  • Fax: 86-755-83778378
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Founded in 1995,Yuexunfa Electronic Co.,Ltd is a private company which is specialized in providing sale for name brand electronic products. Our products sell well to over 30 coutries and regions all over the world.The quality of our products and service has been recognized by all of our customers.Our company has enjoyed a high reputation in delivery on time and keeps our promise to our customers We are willing to establish faithful business relationship with you and achieve prosperity in future with our commom efforts.You can always talk with me on MSN:leen...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: ISL6327CRZ
Price: 2.85-4.1 USDISL6327CRZ
    Price: 2.85-4.1 USD

    Models: TAJD106K035RNJ
Price: 1.95-3 USDTAJD106K035RNJ
    Price: 1.95-3 USD

    Models: T491D106K035AT
Price: 1.7-2.85 USDT491D106K035AT
    Price: 1.7-2.85 USD

    Models: MFRC531
Price: 7.5-8.8 USDMFRC531
    Price: 7.5-8.8 USD

    Models: MCT2E
Price: 1.9-3 USDMCT2E
    Price: 1.9-3 USD

  • Kingwin Tech.Co.,Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (3686)
  • Contact: Mr. Roymand   MSN:kingwintech@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-36957627
  • Fax: 86-755-36957627
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Kingwin technology is a global independent distributor of electronic components. We are committed to global electronic equipment manufacturers, co-manufacturers and electronics manufacturers to provide all kind of electronic components. Including semiconductor integrated circuit, IGBT electronic modules, and passive electronic components, connectors and LCD liquid crystal display and so on. Through several years of rapid development,We has been set up good relationship with lots of OEM and agents in Europe and America.About product, Kingwin Technology has been of high qua...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: SHT75
Price: 30-40 USDSHT75
    Price: 30-40 USD

    Models: LB104S01-TL01
Price: 100-165 USDLB104S01-TL01
    Price: 100-165 USD

    Models: BTW581500R
Price: 3-5 USDBTW581500R
    Price: 3-5 USD

    Models: XCV600E-6BG432I
Price: 6-8 USDXCV600E-6BG432I
    Price: 6-8 USD

    Models: MC9S08AC60CPUE
Price: 4.5-5.5 USDMC9S08AC60CPUE
    Price: 4.5-5.5 USD

  • YTX (HK) Technology Co.,Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (3683)
  • Contact: Ms.Ellen   MSN:ytxdz@msn.cn  Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-0755-82723911
  • Fax: 0086-0755-82771196
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • YTX (HK) Technology Co.,Limited. Limited is an independent stocking distributor based in HongKong and was established in June of 2001.We focus our efforts toward the supplying of all kinds of electronic Components and do business with companies throughout the world. Our devotion is to offer customer service and strong work to all our customers.YTX (HK) Technology Co.,Limited.is also a leading global supplier of electronic components (Especially Active Parts ) . We specializing in obsolete electronic components as well as military ICs .our sales team offer comp...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: XC2VP2-5FG256C
Price: 20-20.05 USDXC2VP2-5FG256C
    Price: 20-20.05 USD

    Models: MD-2811-D32-V3
Price: 1.2-1.35 USDMD-2811-D32-V3
    Price: 1.2-1.35 USD

    Models: RX3310A-LF
Price: 1-1.2 USDRX3310A-LF
    Price: 1-1.2 USD

    Models: MPC8280CZUUPEA
Price: 20-20.05 USDMPC8280CZUUPEA
    Price: 20-20.05 USD

    Models: Z84C1516FSG
Price: 3-3.15 USDZ84C1516FSG
    Price: 3-3.15 USD

  • Kingrand Technology (HK) Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (3657)
  • Contact: Ms.Jessica   MSN:gjk8477@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-84720945
  • Fax: 86-755-25621209
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • We're specialized in electronic components with abundant stock such as ST,TI,IR,FSC,NS,ON,AD,ATMEL,MAXIM,TOSHIBA,VISHAY,MICROCHIP,PHILIPS,INFINEON etc. <br>Whenever you'd like any part, pls don't hesitate to contact us. We'll spare no efforts to meet your requirements with our best price, service and credit. Looking forward to cooperation with you.<br><br>Mobile:86-13751135579<br>TEL:86-755 84720945<br>MSN:gjk8477@hotmail.com<br>Yahoo:jessica848377@yahoo.com.cn<br>Skype:aino.jessica<br>AOL:jessica848377(View)

      China  Free Member
  • (3652)
  • Contact: Ms.Mable   MSN:aibosi@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-0755-82574315
  • Fax: 86-0755-82719183
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • AIBOSI Electronics (HK) Co., Limited is specialized in import and export, engaged in IC,Tantalum capacitor,resistor,Capacitor,Diode,transistor,inductor and so on . We have obtained a good reputation. We believe a company that has no honor is unable to survive.We are agent brand : TDK,MUTARA,TAIYO,AVX,FAIRCHILD,IR,INFINEON,SAMSUNG,NEC,TOSHIBA,MITSUBTSHI,VISHAY,ROHM,PHILIPSWe are mainly type: Actives, Computer Parts, Connectors, EM Components, Military, Obsolete, PassivesAIBOSI Electronics aims to offer high quality, low price and perfect service; we offer all kinds of prod...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: HM628100LTTI5
Price: .1-100 USDHM628100LTTI5
    Price: 0.1-100 USD

    Models: HDMP-1032AG
Price: .1-100 USDHDMP-1032AG
    Price: 0.1-100 USD

    Models: GCIXF440AC
Price: .1-100 USDGCIXF440AC
    Price: 0.1-100 USD

    Models: EPM7128STC100
Price: .1-100 USDEPM7128STC100
    Price: 0.1-100 USD

    Models: EP2S90F780I4N
Price: .1-100 USDEP2S90F780I4N
    Price: 0.1-100 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (3629)
  • Contact: Ms.Tan   MSN:ctwsemi@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82868823
  • Fax: 86-755-82868823
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • We have a decade of experience in trading IGBT module, power module,Thyristor module, Relay, motherboard ,display and chips. CTW Semiconductor(HK)CO.,LTD, established in 2004 targeting to become one of the leading electronic components distributors who provides you with excellence procurement and logistics services. We believed being pioneer and innovative are the key success factors of a trading firm. We focus not only on customer satisfactions & technical excellence, but also source from reliable manufacturers which allow lower costs - giving our buyers a competitive ad...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: VN88AFD
Price: 2-2.68 USDVN88AFD
    Price: 2-2.68 USD

    Models: STGW20NB60KD
Price: 2-2.68 USDSTGW20NB60KD
    Price: 2-2.68 USD

    Models: SFH756V
Price: 6-7.5 USDSFH756V
    Price: 6-7.5 USD

    Models: PS9115
Price: .9-1.2 USDPS9115
    Price: 0.9-1.2 USD

    Models: MD2202-D16
Price: 10-13 USDMD2202-D16
    Price: 10-13 USD

  • zhongyin technology (Malaysia) Co., Ltd

      Hong  Free Member
  • (3618)
  • Contact: Ms.Sophia   MSN:sophia@zhongyin.org  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-0755-82792225
  • Fax: 86-0755-61658466
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Our company has an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, so that it has the advantage to purchase IC in local places and distribute to China Mainland. It also has marketing centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai. The company is mainly engaged in NS, TI, ON, ST, LT and AD. Our advantages in Huaqiang North Market are undoubted all the time. We have the strong competitiveness in five main common IC products, namely the power management, linear operational amplifier, analog convertor, interface and clock. Our company not only has advantages in aspects of quality, price, and stability, but...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: top258pn
Price: .756-.761 USDtop258pn
    Price: 0.756-0.761 USD

    Models: IRF3205PBF
Price: .346-.355 USDIRF3205PBF
    Price: 0.346-0.355 USD

    Models: LM158JG
Price: 1.335-1.35 USDLM158JG
    Price: 1.335-1.35 USD

    Models: LM317EMP
Price: .315-.33 USDLM317EMP
    Price: 0.315-0.33 USD

    Models: PM8316-PI
Price: 158-162 USDPM8316-PI
    Price: 158-162 USD

  • Yililan Teachnology Co.,Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (3612)
  • Contact: Ms.Rainbow   MSN:yililan@msn.cn/  Chat with me
  • Tel: +86-0755-82589744/743
  • Fax: +86-0755-82589747
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Yililan Technology Ltd is a professional electronic element supplier.Engaged in selling all kinds of communication integrate instrument、Military industry etc circuit. We base on the policy of “ be honesty to customers and customer first”, which enable our business to extend sharply. quality first, customer supreme"is our principle."the quality, the technology, the service” is our pursuit forever. quality first, credit standing first, service first.these three First our company had just made them. the purchasers done business with our company all feel it is worth to do bui...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: tlv0838i
Price: 2-3 USDtlv0838i
    Price: 2-3 USD

    Models: tb62707f
Price: .5-.8 USDtb62707f
    Price: 0.5-0.8 USD

    Models: sab80c535n-16
Price: 6-8 USDsab80c535n-16
    Price: 6-8 USD

    Models: sa612a
Price: 1-1.5 USDsa612a
    Price: 1-1.5 USD

    Models: rhrp3060
Price: 1-2 USDrhrp3060
    Price: 1-2 USD

  • JinYang Electronics Technology Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (3609)
  • Contact: Ms.Wendy   MSN:jinyangelectronics@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-755-83676646
  • Fax: 0086-755-83275511
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • JinYang Electronics Technology Limited. is a professional supplier of power management applications, professional manufacturer of world-renowned integrated circuits and distributor of electronic components. In 2010, after a long marketing history, we set up a new company. We supply professional technical support and after-sales service. IC Chips, Transistors, Diodes, Triodes, Sensors, Tact Switches, Connectors, Resistors and Capacitors are our strengths. All products have authentic and original packaging. We have stable supply, sincere attitude and...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: HX6096NL
Price: .88-1 USDHX6096NL
    Price: 0.88-1 USD

    Models: LM2588T-12
Price: 1.45-1.5 USDLM2588T-12
    Price: 1.45-1.5 USD

    Models: HIP2100IBZ
Price: .35-.45 USDHIP2100IBZ
    Price: 0.35-0.45 USD

    Models: DG406DY
Price: 1.8-2 USDDG406DY
    Price: 1.8-2 USD

    Models: UCN5804B
Price: 1-1.5 USDUCN5804B
    Price: 1-1.5 USD

  • ADMN Technology CO.,Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (3592)
  • Contact: Mr.admn   MSN:zypadmn@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-23999159//66605969
  • Fax: 86-755-82551005
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • ADMN TECHNOLOGY Co., Limited has always had the faith in its mind, which are mutual benefit, sincerity, and customer first, since its establishment. We also want to have a development which is based one Hong Kong, facing TaiWan, Austrlia and so on for we want to positively develop domestically and outside the broad market. What' more, we still strive to obtaining the customers' consistent faith and high praise. Our products covers TI, ST, ATMEL, ADI, NS, ON, MAXIM, NEC, POWER, NTEL, MICROCHIP, CYPRESS,SIPEX,SAMSUNG,SONY,SHARP,PHILIPS,LTC,ALTERA,LATTICE,AMD,FAIRCHILD,...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: TLP521-1GB
Price: .5-1 USDTLP521-1GB
    Price: 0.5-1 USD

    Models: AT89C51RD2
Price: 5-7 USDAT89C51RD2
    Price: 5-7 USD

    Models: IRF840
Price: 1-2 USDIRF840
    Price: 1-2 USD

    Models: 2MBI150U4H-170
Price: 1-2 USD2MBI150U4H-170
    Price: 1-2 USD

    Models: MC68HC908JB8JDW
Price: 1-2 USDMC68HC908JB8JDW
    Price: 1-2 USD

  • Merefields Electronics

      United  Free Member
  • (3587)
  • Contact: Mr.Byrom Boutorabi  
  • Tel: 44-1227-769769
  • Fax: 44-1227-451333
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • About Merefield s Electronics The company has built up a world-wide network of contacts and has direct links to semiconductor manufacturers and franchise distributors worldwide. The company continues its policy of Total Distribution in not limiting itself to one or two product lines but has the unique ability to meet its clients’ requirements on all their product needs. Over the years, Merefield’s has built up an enviable reputation for locating lines which would normally be difficult to obtain, as well as offering standard products with reduced lead times and pr...(View)
  • HK Creditforever International Industrial Co. Ltd

      Hong  Free Member
  • (3578)
  • Contact: Ms.Cecilia   MSN:creditforevercecil@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-0755-83235696
  • Fax: 86-0755-83269126
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • SHENZHEN CREDITFOREVER ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD (HONGKONG CREDITFOREVER INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD ) is the distributor of electronic components and semiconductors in China since 2002.Our business covers the active and passive electronic components, Memory & Flash components ,computer products & accessories, Capacitors,Resistors,Diodes & Transistors. We specialise in INTEL、ATI、SIS、REALTEK、NVIDIA brand`s Computer Components & Accessories, ST、BOSCH、FREESCAL brand`s MEMS SENSOR,TI、ST、ON、ATMEL brand`s Components,MICRON、SAMSUNG 、HYNIX brand`s memory & Flash com...(View)
  • HK Kingrav Electronic Company

      China  Free Member
  • (3573)
  • Contact: Mr.Chen   MSN:bryan-totti@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82541122
  • Fax: 86-755-82541522
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • KingRav is an independent stocking distributor of electronic components. We stock a wide range of electronic components - integrated circuits, passive components, relays, semiconductors, switches, and connectors more.KingRav database currently manages over 50,000 line items (both active and passive components), including available excess stock from partner companies. Our focus is to solve problems from customers, especially shortage. (View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: TGA2522-SM
Price: 25-30 USDTGA2522-SM
    Price: 25-30 USD

    Models: TQM7M5005H
Price: 1.5-2.5 USDTQM7M5005H
    Price: 1.5-2.5 USD

    Models: TGA2806-SM
Price: 12-14 USDTGA2806-SM
    Price: 12-14 USD

    Models: TGA2702-SM
Price: 12-14 USDTGA2702-SM
    Price: 12-14 USD

    Models: TGA2517
Price: 270-280 USDTGA2517
    Price: 270-280 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (3564)
  • Contact: Mr.chen  
  • Tel: +86-0755-83362389
  • Fax: +86-0755-83992789
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • HK KEJIN ELECTRONICS LIMIED is specialized in Electronic Components which is located in the largest electronics center in Asia----North HuaQiang,Shenzhen city,China. Besides, StandBy Technology Ltd is the senior member of HK inventory,TBF and IC Source.As a specialized manufacturer and exporter for Electronic Components in China,we are pleased to know that you are presently in the market and looking for Ic parts.If you need any items, please inform us in details, and we will do our best to offer you as your requirements as soon as possible.Please n...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: BM309
Price: .8-1.6 USDBM309
    Price: 0.8-1.6 USD

    Models: AD633JN
Price: 4.5-7 USDAD633JN
    Price: 4.5-7 USD

    Models: OPA627SM
Price: 15-20 USDOPA627SM
    Price: 15-20 USD

    Models: LM4871N
Price: .4-2 USDLM4871N
    Price: 0.4-2 USD

    Models: LTC1400IS8
Price: .7-3 USDLTC1400IS8
    Price: 0.7-3 USD

  • Xinlongweiye Technology Co.,Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (3564)
  • Contact: Ms.Kayla   MSN:xlwy04@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-0755-83511674
  • Fax: 86-0755-25327020
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Xinlongweiye Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional trading and kitting company for all kinds of electronic components, mainly trading in integrated circuit. In line with management aim on" good quality, good service and maintain a high standard customer satisfaction", we have gained favorable comments from our wide big customer. Our strong brandsMICROCHIP PIC series NXP PartsAD, MAXIN LT Murata Yageo NEC AVX KEMET consumption electronics, computer and its peripheral, telecommunication, industrial control, security, <...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: AXK660347YG
Price: .85-.9 USDAXK660347YG
    Price: 0.85-0.9 USD

    Models: AXK560147YG
Price: .85-.9 USDAXK560147YG
    Price: 0.85-0.9 USD

    Models: A3952SLB
Price: 1-1.3 USDA3952SLB
    Price: 1-1.3 USD

    Models: IDT72V03L35J
Price: 3-3.5 USDIDT72V03L35J
    Price: 3-3.5 USD

    Models: MAX3225EAAP
Price: 1.3-1.6 USDMAX3225EAAP
    Price: 1.3-1.6 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (3516)
  • Contact: Ms.Jade   MSN:gaotognsy@live.com
  • Tel: 86-0755-83257046
  • Fax: 86-0755-22669101
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Hong Kong Qualcomm Industry Electronic Company Limited is a professional electronic component agent and distributor. Through several years of running, our business is including Communication, Military industry, Medical treatment, Industrial control, Auto industry, Electronic and other high-technology industry area, in order to supply profession product consultation and technical service for customers. We are specialized in Xilinx and Altera, TI brand.. Xillix: XC4V series XC4VFX100,XC4VFX12,XC4VFX20,XC4VFX40,XC4VFX60,XC4VLX100,XC4VLX15,XC4VSX35,XC4VLX160,XC4VLX200,...(View)

      China  Free Member
  • (3511)
  • Contact: Ms.Berry   MSN:ruilongelectronics@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: +86-0755-82567287
  • Fax: +86-0755-82539206
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • HK RUILONG ELECTRONICS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD,we specialized sale electron primary device, like ATMEL, PHILIPS, NXP, AVAGO, AGILENT, SST, ISSI, LT, RENESAS, EPSON, SAMSUNG, TI, BB, MAX, DS, ADI, ALTERA, MICROCHIPS and so on well-known brand. The company insisted all along a technique for the backing, the market for the leading management idea, by the remarkable quality and the service, wins the domestic and foreign factories and dealers faith and the support! The company insisted throughout: “the quality first, reasonable price, the delivery, the service is quickly supreme...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: HD74LS164P
Price: .18-.25 USDHD74LS164P
    Price: 0.18-0.25 USD

    Models: AD8065AR
Price: 2.2-3.5 USDAD8065AR
    Price: 2.2-3.5 USD

    Models: XPC823ECZT66B2
Price: 27-35 USDXPC823ECZT66B2
    Price: 27-35 USD

    Models: SB600 218S6ECLA21FG
Price: 10.8-12 USDSB600 218S6ECLA21FG
    Price: 10.8-12 USD

    Models: IXP460 SB460 218S4RBSA12G
Price: 7.8-8.2 USDIXP460 SB460 218S4RBSA12G
    Price: 7.8-8.2 USD

  • Goldenway Electronic Limited Company

      China  Free Member
  • (3485)
  • Contact: Ms.Ana   MSN:goldenway668@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-755-61327611
  • Fax: 0086-755-82817511
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Your reliable ICS & Electronic Components Supplier!GOLDENWAY ELECTRONIC LIMITED is a professional electronic company which has rich experience in this field. We specialize in electronic components and keep our own stock for all kinds of electronic components in the warehouse. Therefore, prompt delivery is assured. We have established long term business relations with the manufacturers and other reliable suppliers, so quality is also assured and our price is quite competitive. Furthermore, our technicians are willing to provide you with electronic information you need....(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: P6SMB200CA
Price: .019-.029 USDP6SMB200CA
    Price: 0.019-0.029 USD

    Models: KA78T12TU
Price: .12-.22 USDKA78T12TU
    Price: 0.12-0.22 USD

    Models: K6R4016V1D-TC10
Price: .65-.85 USDK6R4016V1D-TC10
    Price: 0.65-0.85 USD

    Models: NTCLE100E3681JB0
Price: .2-.35 USDNTCLE100E3681JB0
    Price: 0.2-0.35 USD

    Models: MP4209
Price: 2.99-4.39 USDMP4209
    Price: 2.99-4.39 USD

  • HK Fuyuanxin Technology Development Co.,Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (3432)
  • Contact: Ms.helen   MSN:starflyxhelen@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82527646;82556970
  • Fax: 86-755-83346031
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • We are IC distributor in Shenzhen. Our main brands are TI, NS, ON, NXP, QUINTIC,SI-EN,AOS,TTI,Fairchild and so on. We have a good importing channel for the original factory. <br><br>Warm welcome to your valuable inquiries!<br><br><br>Also, we have a led power supply factory at Shenzhen. Offerring led power supply with constant voltage or constant current. Warterproof, or non-waterproof. IP67 or IP20. Some products can be warranted with 2 years, somes can be with 3 years. As your selection.(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: S3C44B0X01-ED80
Price: 3-6 USDS3C44B0X01-ED80
    Price: 3-6 USD

    Models: XE8801AMI027LF
Price: 12-15 USDXE8801AMI027LF
    Price: 12-15 USD

    Models: HLE-110-02-G-DV-BE-LC
Price: 3-6 USDHLE-110-02-G-DV-BE-LC
    Price: 3-6 USD

    Models: HLE-105-02-G-DV-BE-LC
Price: 1.7-3 USDHLE-105-02-G-DV-BE-LC
    Price: 1.7-3 USD

    Models: S4B-PH-K-S
Price: .3-.8 USDS4B-PH-K-S
    Price: 0.3-0.8 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (3423)
  • Contact: Mr.Andy   MSN:sales1@aterhk.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-0755-89825456
  • Fax: 86-0755-89825375
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • ATER TECH LIMITED is a large-scale IC components supplier which was found in 2005. It mainly provides passive components of famous brands, which includes We offer a broad range of electronics components from different countries of the world, such as North-America, Full range of modules/IC integration.Triode.Aluminum electrolyticJapan, the United States, Europe and the world of plants (Wick, blue up, astec, Kosovo, Teng letter, Ericsson, Lucent, Tektronix, the new power supply, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Siemens, Simon Kang , the three groups, the E...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: 6MBP80RTA060
Price: 30-100 USD6MBP80RTA060
    Price: 30-100 USD

    Models: 6DI120D-060
Price: 20-100 USD6DI120D-060
    Price: 20-100 USD

    Models: 2MBI300NR-060
Price: 30-100 USD2MBI300NR-060
    Price: 30-100 USD

    Models: 2DI150MA-120
Price: 10-10 USD2DI150MA-120
    Price: 10-10 USD

    Models: ECJ-1VB1H104K
Price: 1.8-3 USDECJ-1VB1H104K
    Price: 1.8-3 USD

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