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      Hong  Free Member
  • (4519)
  • Contact: Ms.Dawn Wu   MSN:skay-ic@hotmail.com/8889@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-82711093
  • Fax: --
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • HK SKAY ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,Ltd , established in July 2002, is an stocking independent distributor specializing in electronic component . We are dedicated to promote and sale all kinds of world-classname brand IC at home and abroad ,such as XILINX,ALTERA,INTEL,ACTEL,AD ,TI,FREESCAL ,MOT ,MAX,PHI,DALLAS,AVX ,KEMET and so on. Our product is widely used in light and heavy industry such as communications, military , avigation ,marine and so on. More over , providing obsolete ,hard to find and shortage IC is our strength . <br><br>SKAY ELECTRONICS is a fast ...(View)

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  • (4515)
  • Contact: Mr.DAVID  
  • Tel: 86-755-82579289 13316953915
  • Fax: 86-755-83014855
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • HOPE DIGITAL(HK) TECHNOLOGY COMPANY is a famous distributor of brand new& original IC <br>such as ADI、TI、LINEAR、XILINX.etc; we have a large stock also with powerful supply system, can <br>source and order the parts for you. we insist only selling new and original parts, High-integrity and Quality<br> Priority,clients is the god. Our products related to automobile manufacture,medical equipment,military,<br>aviation,precision instrument,security,communication and Industrial control instrument.<br /><br /><br>Your need is our goa...(View)

      China  Free Member
  • (4499)
  • Contact: Ms.Lola   MSN:huayi001@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-0755-83259720/83980925
  • Fax: 86-0755-83259730
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • HK HUAYI TRADE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED is the verified VIP member of SeekIC.com and ChinaICMart.com with high credibility for 6 years. We primarily operates various IC parts, diodes,capacitors,modules, transistors with world famous brands. For many years, we have been providing domestic and oversea electronic dealers and companies with orignal and reliable goods,under the philosophy of Reliable Quality,Stock Offer,Volume Quantity,Competitve Price,Good Service. Our competitive prices, high-quality products and sincere after-sales service bring good reputation to our co...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: XC527280CFU
Price: .01-.02 USDXC527280CFU
    Price: 0.01-0.02 USD

    Models: XC2S50-5FG256C
Price: .01-.02 USDXC2S50-5FG256C
    Price: 0.01-0.02 USD

    Models: WM8196SCDS
Price: .01-.02 USDWM8196SCDS
    Price: 0.01-0.02 USD

    Models: TPA3001D1PWPR
Price: .01-.02 USDTPA3001D1PWPR
    Price: 0.01-0.02 USD

    Models: SD2932
Price: .01-.02 USDSD2932
    Price: 0.01-0.02 USD

  • Beford Enterprises Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (4476)
  • Contact: Ms.Aline    Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-0755-83228351
  • Fax: 86-0755-23486252
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Beford enterprises ltd. Distributors world famous semiconductor integrated circuits. We have 10 years experience in IC field and have built up long term business relationship with about 30 companies which are stockers and authorized agents. In addition, according to customers’ demand and our judgement for the supply and demand situation in the market, we have prepared large quantity of advantage stock in order to provide a great convenience for OEM, EMS factory and we have also been the preferred choice for a vast number of traders.<br>Main professional field: Widel...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: LM2577S-12
Price: 2-3 USDLM2577S-12
    Price: 2-3 USD

    Models: EL1883ISZ-T7
Price: .65-.8 USDEL1883ISZ-T7
    Price: 0.65-0.8 USD

    Models: AM29LV800BB-70EF
Price: 1.2-2 USDAM29LV800BB-70EF
    Price: 1.2-2 USD

    Models: BA50BC0FP-E2
Price: .15-.3 USDBA50BC0FP-E2
    Price: 0.15-0.3 USD

    Models: 2SA1797T100Q
Price: .095-.15 USD2SA1797T100Q
    Price: 0.095-0.15 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (4476)
  • Contact: Mr.Nate   MSN:Nate-hk@live.cn  Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-0755-83013544
  • Fax: 0086--400-6981-16329853
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Dayue (HK) Trade Limited specializing in electronic component with strong competitive trading ability base on great plenteous goods in stock curretntly. Especially in the field of ST, AMD, TI, MOTOROALA,INTEL, ATMEL MAX ,AVX ,KEMEI and etc, we are the member of HKinventory . TBF AND seekic .We are expecting you(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: MC68376BGCAB25
Price: 15-17 USDMC68376BGCAB25
    Price: 15-17 USD

    Models: LM709H
Price: 2.5-2.8 USDLM709H
    Price: 2.5-2.8 USD

    Models: BSP-15A-LF
Price: 10-11 USDBSP-15A-LF
    Price: 10-11 USD

    Models: ADC85C-12
Price: 140-160 USDADC85C-12
    Price: 140-160 USD

    Models: LC03-6
Price: .7-.8 USDLC03-6
    Price: 0.7-0.8 USD

  • BeijingLinghanghuayu Technology Co.,Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (4435)
  • Contact: Ms.Linda   MSN:linda@elite-components.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-10-62618952
  • Fax: 86-10-62106163
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • As one of the largest electronic components agents in China, our company has more than 10 years' experience in this line. We have great advantage in IGBT,SCR,IPM,Diode,Modules made by EUEPC,SEMIKRON,MIT,ABB,WESTCODE,TOSHIBA, FUJI,DYNEX.etc. We can supply large amount of them constently even they are in short supply, and offer 3-6 months' warranty period. Contact with us, you will get what you want! Linda :)(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: SW18CXC14C
Price: 100-150 USDSW18CXC14C
    Price: 100-150 USD

    Models: ST1200C12K
Price: 100-150 USDST1200C12K
    Price: 100-150 USD

    Models: SM45CXC364
Price: 100-150 USDSM45CXC364
    Price: 100-150 USD

    Models: SM24CXC924
Price: 100-150 USDSM24CXC924
    Price: 100-150 USD

    Models: SKT1200/16E
Price: 100-200 USDSKT1200/16E
    Price: 100-200 USD

  • Yike Electronics (HK) Co.,Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (4378)
  • Contact: Ms.Ada   MSN:adayikelectronic@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-0755-83256279
  • Fax: 86-0755-82533178
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Yike electronic (HK)ltd is a global professional agent distributors ,selling name-brand electronic devices and all kinds of instruments of hi-tech corporation The company deal in electronic components and integrated circuit(IC) and flash memory, such as brand of SIMCOM, HOLUX, LATTICE, ALTERA, ATMEL,Spansion,CMD,AOS,AKM, ML, PLX, BCM, XILINX, MIC, LE, PHI, NS, TEXAS, BB, EL, INTEL, ST, MAXIM, MC,Fuji,FCL,Samsung,Epcos, MT, DALLAS, SST, VISHAY, IOR, LM, TDA, etc., Meanwhile, the company also vigorously promotes the sale on commission analytical instrument and Laboratory In...(View)
  • Beijing Kongson Pioneer Trade Co.,Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (4364)
  • Contact: Mr.Mark   MSN:gsxf114@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-10-51656668-803
  • Fax: 86-10-82620302
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Beijing Kongshum pioneer Trade CO.,Ltd.in the mainland. It mainly provides various ICs of famous brands, which includes TI, AVAGO, INTEL, IDT, AD, XILINX, MAXIM, ST, ATMEl, NXP, ON, MICROCHIP, PHILIPS, MOTOROLA and so on. We have built up a high reputation in the industry with good credit, guaranteed quality, knight sarvice and fast delivery. And we'd like to cherish every opportunity to cooperate with all the circles for a b rilliant future! (View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: W29C040-90Z
Price: .95-1.2 USDW29C040-90Z
    Price: 0.95-1.2 USD

    Models: W78E54B-24
Price: 1.87-2.24 USDW78E54B-24
    Price: 1.87-2.24 USD

    Models: W78E058B40PL
Price: 1.44-2 USDW78E058B40PL
    Price: 1.44-2 USD

    Models: W78E58B-40
Price: 2.3-2.7 USDW78E58B-40
    Price: 2.3-2.7 USD

    Models: W51300-701
Price: 3.9-5 USDW51300-701
    Price: 3.9-5 USD

  • Ribbon Industry(HK)Co.Limited

      Hong  Free Member
  • (4361)
  • Contact: Mr.Mr Maxisua zhou   MSN:zhouwuguangyun@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-755-83397160
  • Fax: 0086-755-83397130
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • RIBBON INDUSTRY (HK) Co., Limited is a professional IC component distributor. We sepcialized in Electronic Component,IC,IC Chip,Transistor,Diode,Triode and so on. Since establishment, we have been doing business under the philosophy of ensuring organizational survival through assured quality and developing through good reputation. We have warehouse both in SHENZHEN and HONGKONG, so it is convenient for us to arrange transportation for our customers.We registed as SHENZHEN YUBANG HENGYE ELECTRONICS CO., LIMITED.RIBBON regards" higly quality or...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: PT4101
Price: 76-78 USDPT4101
    Price: 76-78 USD

    Models: PIC18F25J10-I
Price: 1.4-2.3 USDPIC18F25J10-I
    Price: 1.4-2.3 USD

    Models: IRL3713STRLPBF
Price: 1.6-2.5 USDIRL3713STRLPBF
    Price: 1.6-2.5 USD

    Models: LM317T
Price: .2-.7 USDLM317T
    Price: 0.2-0.7 USD

    Models: LM4991
Price: .6-.8 USDLM4991
    Price: 0.6-0.8 USD

  • Pulison Technology Co., Ltd

      China  Free Member
  • (4359)
  • Contact: Mr.Leo   MSN:sales002@pulison.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-27708187
  • Fax: 86-755-23441200
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Pulison Technology was established in 2008 with the sole purpose of providing solutions to the electronic component industry. Through our hardwork and good network in supplying chain, we have been a leading supplier and distributor of major semiconductor in the world. It is devoted to marketing and sales of global famous brands of electronics. 1.Pulison Technology is a service-oriented company,so that establish long-term business reltionship with many oversea customers.our Comprehensive service assists customers to lessen the materials costs.2.Pulison Tech...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: LM2575T-5.0
Price: 1.1-2 USDLM2575T-5.0
    Price: 1.1-2 USD

    Models: HIP4080AIB
Price: 2-2.9 USDHIP4080AIB
    Price: 2-2.9 USD

    Models: SAF-C515C-LM
Price: 8-12 USDSAF-C515C-LM
    Price: 8-12 USD

    Models: DS1232L
Price: .7-.9 USDDS1232L
    Price: 0.7-0.9 USD

    Models: EXB840
Price: 11-20 USDEXB840
    Price: 11-20 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (4349)
  • Contact: Mr.robert   MSN:robert-sunshine@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-755-89373658
  • Fax: 0086-755-89373658
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • In 1998,Sunshine Electronic components Ltd. is established as a domestic electronics distributor . We specialize in various of semiconductors from IC Parts to Capacitor and inductor, from diodes and transistors to Switches and connectors. Until now,we have be in the line of electronics components for about 13years. We are still insisting on the tenet of“Quality first, reasonableprices,service paramount ”for many years, by virtue of this,we established a good relationship with many HI-TEC...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: 7MBI75SA120B
Price: 150-160 USD7MBI75SA120B
    Price: 150-160 USD

    Models: FF300R12KT3G
Price: 100-120 USDFF300R12KT3G
    Price: 100-120 USD

    Models: CM1200HB-66H
Price: 500-550 USDCM1200HB-66H
    Price: 500-550 USD

    Models: FZ1200R16KF4
Price: 480-520 USDFZ1200R16KF4
    Price: 480-520 USD

    Models: PP07512HS
Price: 300-330 USDPP07512HS
    Price: 300-330 USD

  • HK Truly Electronics Tech Co.,LTD

      China  Free Member
  • (4317)
  • Contact: Ms.Candy   MSN:sarryx@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-33071327
  • Fax: 86-755-83011657
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Truly Tech, which is a leading independent distributor of electronic components. We supply products and service to worldwide brokers and distributors. We offer best quality, reasonabl price and least delivery time. We are strongly in AD, BB, ATI, INTEL, Broadcom, and many so on! Also we are good at Military, hard-to-find, obsolete parts,.We also sell LCD Panels and all spares of panels, like as CCFL , Polarizer, inverter and so on ; And all spares of notebook/ computer! Our all lcd parts are fit for repair notebook and computers !So, we heartily wish to establish ...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: UPD43256BGU-70L-A
Price: .5-.6 USDUPD43256BGU-70L-A
    Price: 0.5-0.6 USD

    Models: S1M-E3
Price: .01-.02 USDS1M-E3
    Price: 0.01-0.02 USD

    Models: HLMP-2885
Price: .01-.02 USDHLMP-2885
    Price: 0.01-0.02 USD

    Models: HLMP-2785
Price: .01-.02 USDHLMP-2785
    Price: 0.01-0.02 USD

    Models: HLMP-2685
Price: .01-.02 USDHLMP-2685
    Price: 0.01-0.02 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (4306)
  • Contact: Mr.Tang   MSN:Elina128@retron-ic.com;retronic02@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 0086-755-83265778
  • Fax: 0086-755-83768631
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • RETRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD is A MAXIM STOCK DISTRIBUTOR, an international independent electronic components distributor with a modern management system and a good reputation, and wea verified by D&B, our DUNS# 420990486!!! ★we SPECIALIZE : IC: ADI, ALTERA,MAXIM,NSC,XILINX, TI; LED / DIDOE: AVAGO, EVERLIGHT, ON, ST, NXP;CAP/TAN CAPACITOR/INDUCTOR: AVX,TDK,MURATA, BOURNS,KEMET;PCB : PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD: BOM, OEM RETRONIC is strong in DIODE, Capacitor, resistor, and various Analog devices, Power management and Digital communication ...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: MAX487EESA
Price: 1.1-2.3 USDMAX487EESA
    Price: 1.1-2.3 USD

    Models: MAX208ECWG
Price: 2.9-4.3 USDMAX208ECWG
    Price: 2.9-4.3 USD

    Models: MAX232EEWE+
Price: 1.5-2.6 USDMAX232EEWE+
    Price: 1.5-2.6 USD

    Models: GRM21BR60J226ME39L
Price: .03-.07 USDGRM21BR60J226ME39L
    Price: 0.03-0.07 USD

    Models: MAX1836EUT33#TG16
Price: 1.6-2.8 USDMAX1836EUT33#TG16
    Price: 1.6-2.8 USD

  • Thiwell Technology Co.,Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (4305)
  • Contact: Mr.Tom   MSN:thiwell@live.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-36629158
  • Fax: 86-755-86651490
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Thiwell Technology Co.,Limited , professional supplier of electronic components. We are strong in Atmel, TI, Microchip, Holtek, IR, ST, ON, have good relationship with their agent. Also have competitive other brands series of products which are widely used in communication, industrial control, electric meter instruments, medical equipment, automobile, electrical home appliances, consumer electronic products. Best Quality, Competitive Price, Win-win, professional service, comfortable. Thiwell Technology Co.,Limited is your right choice. ...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: D203S
Price: .2-1 USDD203S
    Price: 0.2-1 USD

    Models: HT45R38
Price: .85-1.2 USDHT45R38
    Price: 0.85-1.2 USD

    Models: HT9032C
Price: .55-.8 USDHT9032C
    Price: 0.55-0.8 USD

    Models: IRFBC40PBF
Price: .5-1 USDIRFBC40PBF
    Price: 0.5-1 USD

    Models: IRFP250N
Price: .8-1.5 USDIRFP250N
    Price: 0.8-1.5 USD


      China  Free Member
  • (4293)
  • Contact: Ms.chen   MSN:siliconic@hotmail.com  Chat with me
  • Tel: 86-755-83000558
  • Fax: 86-755-83000758
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • SILICON TECHNOLOGY(HONGKONG)ELECTRONIC LIMITED, which was founded in year of 2000 and is now located in No.25C A block duhui100 zhonghang road, Futian Dist,Shenzhen,China, has already developed into a famous independent IC (integrated circuits) distributors in Hongkong now and has comletely built up a good reputation in the industry because of the good credit, guaranteed quality, competitive price and fast delivery through all these years.The belief of the whole company is "strive to do a better job for clients" and all the empolyees are determined to devote the...(View)
  • Competitive Products

  • Models: HS1-3182-8
Price: 16.2-19 USDHS1-3182-8
    Price: 16.2-19 USD

    Models: HS1-3282-8
Price: 58-65 USDHS1-3282-8
    Price: 58-65 USD

    Models: DG509AAK
Price: 4.2-6 USDDG509AAK
    Price: 4.2-6 USD

    Models: LM119J
Price: 2.26-3 USDLM119J
    Price: 2.26-3 USD

    Models: TL084MJ
Price: 1.89-2.3 USDTL084MJ
    Price: 1.89-2.3 USD

  • Shenzhen Meilejoy Co.,Limited

      China  Free Member
  • (4255)
  • Contact: Ms.Sophie Liu   MSN:meilejoy@hotmail.com
  • Tel: 86-755-86097486
  • Fax: 86-755-86097486
  • Business License: Yes   [View Rules]
  • Shenzhen Meilejoy Co.,Limited is a professional electronic components supplier and distributor. We are committed to supply a whole series of IC , Module , RF , Capacitor , Resistor , Diode ,LED and switch to meet the enlarged demands of chip electronic components for global high-tech electronic industry. We have hundreds of famous brands, such as DC/DC power module series made in American VICOR、 ASTEC、LUCENT 、TYCO 、Japanese LAMBDA 、COSEL 、TDK, and which also offers GTR 、IGBT 、IPM 、PIM 、Thyristor 、Fast Recovery Diode, Rectifier made in MITSUBISHI 、SANREX 、SANKEN 、FUJI 、TO...(View)
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